Tuesday, March 28, 2017

McConnell Air Force School Tour

Last week the McConnell Air Force 4-H kids came out for a tour. 

It was a great bunch of kiddos.
Since it was a large group we divided up into 2 groups. The groups then went to 2 different stations. One was all about soil conservation and how we as farmers take care of the land we farm. Thank you to Dana and Mark for doing such a great job with this! They even brought out a rain simulator that shows how the soil is affected when it rains on different crops. 

The second group went to the milk barn where the milkman talked about how we take care of the ladies. 
He showed them 5 of the ingredients that goes into their feed.

He showed the kids the milking equipment used to milk the cows and how it feels when the milkers are on them. Some of the kiddos were even brave enough to milk one of the cows.

The milk truck came at just the right time to show the kiddos how the milk gets from the farm to the big milk truck. He also explained about how it would eventually arrive to stores.
Roger did such a great job at explaining everything to the kids.

We always finish off every tour with a sticker that says "I met a dairy farmer", chocolate chip cookies and fresh milk of course.

Everyone goes home with goody bags filled with fun things. We had a great morning with this group. Thank you for coming and we hope to see you all again next year!

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