Monday, March 6, 2017

Dr. Jessica DVM

 Remember last week when I told you about our lady (cow) Laura? Well over the weekend she became really sick after having her baby. We called our A-mazing vet Jessica out and she had to perform surgery on Laura. Sometimes when a mama gives birth to a baby calf their stomach can get twisted. They become very sick, very quickly. Thank goodness Dr. Jessica makes house calls and fixed her right up.

 I will just have to tell you I couldn't watch the surgery Eeekkkkk! But Dr. Jessica fixed her up in no time flat. The other thing that amazes me about Dr. Jessica is her style no matter what she is doing she always looks so classy. Hair done, makeup on and perfectly manicure nails. So Adorable! I love how even though she has a career that makes it very hard to look classy she does it with perfection. To top it off she is a mom as well and she just throws her girls in the truck and goes and gets it done! So, thankful for harding working women in our industry that knows how to keep the ladies healthy and happy!

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