Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Sites from the promise land

Last weekend I ran away to the promise land for my birthday weekend. I stopped along the way to take some pictures. The sad thing about it was that it was super over cast and cloudy.  But it is still SO beautiful no matter if it is sunny or cloudy.  

 My folks live next to the city cemetery and almost every time I go home I go up and walk around. It is always SO peaceful and it is up on the hill so you can see for miles. Beautiful!

 The Bradford Pear trees were all bloomed out like crazy which is so early but they were SO beautiful!
 On Saturday we drove over to Arkansas and one of the last little towns before we crossed the border there is this adorable school. I have always thought about the memories and lives that have gone through those doors. If the walls could talk there would be so many stories. I love road trips when you can stop and look around a little bit and just soak up your surroundings. It was a little gift to myself because when the kids ride with me they just want to get to where we are going! Pitiful! Ha!

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