Thursday, January 12, 2017

Blogger Country Christmas Connection Exchange

In December I jumped in on a Country Christmas gift exchange. I love this exchange because it involves other Ag women in the U. S. and I love to meet people especially hard working women. Here is how the exchange works. You become a secret Santa for someone and I was given Kristin over at she is a farmer and mom from Ohio. On their farm they raise sheep, poultry and hay. She is a foodie and loves to talk about how food get from farm to table. Go check out her blog it is full of great recipes and fun. 

How fun is it to receive a package in the mail? I love getting little brown boxes that show up on my porch. I was super excited when I received this one from my secret Santa. Naomi over at   had my name and she spoiled me rotten!!!

 Seriously, I LOVED everything from this adorable bracelet...
 and this cute enamelware red and white butter dish. Shut up!!! Love it!! Also there was a gift card to Starbucks which is my fav! I would say Naomi totally knew how to shop for me. Thank you SO much lady. It has been so great to get to check out your blog and see all that you and your family does to help feed the world around us. If you ever get the chance to jump in on a fun gift exchange do it, it is always great to get to know other people out in the world.


Naomi Loomis said...

You are very welcome!! I am glad you like all the goodies.

Robyn Goddard said...

What fun stuff Naomi sent you!
The bracelet is pretty. I thing simple can be gorgeous.
I have to agree that the red enamel butter dish is pretty cool!
Faith, family, a passion for ag and coffee seem to be a strong thread for farm and ranch wives!