Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Part 2 Happy 40th Nikki

Nikki's husband and our tribe sister Birdie (far left in the red scarf) did an awesome job at pulling off the surprise birthday dinner. What Nikki didn't know was that dinner was just the beginning of the night. Dirk had taken care of everything for us including a night's stay in a townhouse, a 2 hour limo ride to look at Christmas lights and all the snacks you could dream of. It was A-mazing and something this farm girl NEVER gets to do. 

We stayed up way to late laughing and talking and we crammed a bunch of sisters in one bed. It was such a great night. I kept telling Nikki thank you so much for being born. Ha! Nikki I'm so grateful God brought you into my life and that we aren't only friends but we are sisters. I know your 40th birthday was beyond awesome and I can't wait to see how God blesses you in your 40th year. Love you so much!

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