Tuesday, December 20, 2016

14 Years, Over 60 Movies

Sally and I have been friends since college. Our dorm rooms were 2 doors down from each other and neither one of us had roommates so we became each others roommates in a sense. I was there when her and Brad were dating and she was there when I met the Milkman. We were at each others weddings and have been super close all these years. About 15 years ago they moved within 30 minutes of where I live and we decided that once a month we would meet in the town between us for a movie night. For 14 years we have gone to the movies together. But we have never ever been every month of the year until this year. We decided way back in January that we would have a goal of going  every single month and not missing 1 month this entire year. It has been tricky some months as there are always kiddos' activities,  stuff that happens on the farm, vacations (her not me Ha!) and everything in between. But last night we finally did it! 12 movies in 12 months!! We were discussing how many movies we have seen over the years and it is something like 60. We usually are the only 2 in the whole theater  which is A-mazing! But, sometimes we aren't and we have been known to get into trouble talking a little to loudly throughout the movie. Eeekkk! We have seen some great movies and some movies we have left just shaking our heads! It isn't always about the movie though it is about getting together and laughing, crying and the visits. Sally, I am SO grateful for your friendship all these years. And I was so grateful for your sweet text last night after I arrived home she sent me this.....
"Kerry...this friendship that we have is dependable, trustworthy, hilarious, sweet & good! I wouldn't have it any other way!! Love you so much!! And as the credits roll... I'll see ya at the movies....Your a star!" Awww Sally thank you so much for being my VERY good friend. I love you so much and look forward to our barrel of popcorn, junior mints and milk duds in a few weeks.

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