Friday, November 11, 2016

Vintage Friday #119

Welcome to Vintage Friday!
 What is Vintage Friday? It is where I will list some vintage items that I want to sell.
Here is how it works:  If you see an item or items that you want simply leave me a comment with the # of the item (s) you want to purchase and your e-mail (so I can send you a payment request) and zip code (so I will know how much to charge for shipping it to you.)
#1. 3 Thermos. They are in good condition and ready for the fall weather. $15 + shipping.SOLD!!!

#2. A Pile of Maps. They are in great condition. $10 + shipping.SOLD!!!

#3. 1970 Birds of our Land Teacher Cards. There are 16 Pictures total in the set and they measure 17"x12" and are in great condition. $12 + shipping.SOLD!!!

#4. 3 Jelly Jar Juice glasses. 2 of them are Looney Tunes and 1 of them is the Flinstones. They are all in great condition no chips or dings. $6 + shipping.SOLD!!!

#5. This Adorable crocheted baby blanket is in great condition and measures 31"x30". $12 + shipping.

#6. A Pile of Numbers. They measure 3 1/2" tall. $8 + shipping.

#7. 3 Jars full of Marbles. There are even a number of shooters as well as regular size marbles. $20 + shipping.

#8. 12 Madame Alexander dolls. They measure 5" tall. Such a great lot. $10 + shipping.SOLD!!! Thanks so much for stopping by I hope you all have a great weekend and I'll see you back here next week.

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Meghan Nipper said...

I would like the bird cards please. Thank you!!
Reita Nipper