Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Farmer Derek and the Fam

 My sister Alicia and her family were here from the promise land (Oklahoma) over Thanksgiving weekend. My Nephew and Nieces love with a capital "L" farmer Derek. If you don't know who farmer Derek is go to YouTube or click here and you will see what I'm talking about. He does parodies of popular songs and relates them all to farming. Alicia says they watch them over and over and over again. When I told the kiddos that I know Farmer Derek and his family  (they are neighbors of ours and their daughter is in Ky's class at school) they went crazy. Then when I told them I set it up so that they could meet him while they were here. You would have thought I told them they were going to meet Santa on Christmas morning. SOOOOO Excited!!! After brunch we headed over to their farm for the afternoon.

 It was fun to see some of the props he using in his videos and

 the green screen he shoots parts of the videos in front of.
 Of course there were some selfies!!
 The kids loved running all over the farm, swinging on the barn rope swing and playing with the other kiddos. But, the best thing about the day was of course meeting Farmer Derek. Thank you Derek and Kara for letting me help give the kiddos such a great afternoon I'm so grateful!

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