Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Dairy Farm School Tour

We love having groups come for tours on our dairy farm. It is so great to educate the next generation about where milk comes from (surprisingly it isn't from the Wal-mart, which is most kiddos think). Our 2nd group stop by the other day and it was great to have them. 
The milkman first took the group into the milking parlor to show them the feed we grow for our cows and tell them about how it is mixed together for the proper balance for our cows.

He then lets everyone in the group put their finger in a milker so they can feel how it feels when a cow is being milked.

He then takes them into the milk barn where all of the milk is pumped into a 2,000 gallon tank and cooled and ready for the milk truck to come and pick it up.
After the milkman shows everyone the ins and outs of how we get milk, I take them into the store to explain how nutritious milk is compared to sodas or sports drinks. Everyone is always blow away by how much sugar are in these drinks compared to milk.

We finish off every tour with chocolate chip cookies and milk of course. It is always so great to educate and meet new people. Thank you for coming out and spending time on the farm. If you have a group that would like to learn about where milk comes from let us know and we can set something up.

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