Wednesday, October 26, 2016

CHFM School Tour

 We had a big home school group come to the farm for a farm tour this week. The group was so big that we divided them up into 3 smaller groups. What a great group it was!

One of the stations that was in the rotation was Soil Conservation. We asked the county to help out with that and they sent out Dana and Mark to show the group how soil was affected by the world around us.
 They even brought a portable system that show how water or rain affected the soil. So cool!

 The milkman had one group in the milking parlor showing them how we milk the cows, what the feed looks like that we feed them and of course the baby calves.

 In every tour I also tell the kiddos the nutrition of milk. I show them pop bottles that are filled with the amounts of sugar that is in each kind. Then I show them how there is just a slight bit of sugar in a 8 oz. glass of milk. I explain how that sugar is actually a natural sugar that works with our bodies unlike sugar that is in a soda pop. Of course everyone needs a little glass of ice cold milk and a chocolate chip cookie to finish out their time with us. It was a great morning spending time with this group. A number of the ladies asked for the chocolate chip cookie recipe and you can find it by clicking here . Thanks so much for coming out we enjoyed having you all and look forward to seeing you again next time.

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Heidi said...

❤ love! Thanks for having us, we had fun! And the cookies were delicious!