Wednesday, August 3, 2016

We Voted!

I have always been excited to vote every since I was 18. Yesterday was our primaries here in Kansas. We live in such a small town that you usually know everyone who is coming in to vote and who is running the polls. I love that!
The milkman and I felt a little fancy using the machines instead of just coloring in circles on paper like we have done in the past. Ha!

 See, I told you fancy, even the ladies that are there to run the polls. So cute!!
Another great thing about voting in a small town is the yummy snacks. I bet you didn't have yummy cookies and bars where you voted. See small town living rocks in more ways then one!
 So, thats it I voted my voice will be heard. It might be a little voice but a voice nonetheless. Now I will just keep praying for the country and know that God will work everything out for HIS good.

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