Friday, August 26, 2016

Vintage Friday #112

Welcome to Vintage Friday!
 What is Vintage Friday? It is where I will list some vintage items that I want to sell.
Here is how it works:  If you see an item or items that you want simply leave me a comment with the # of the item (s) you want to purchase and your e-mail (so I can send you a payment request) and zip code (so I will know how much to charge for shipping it to you.)

#1. 2 Vintage Trucks. The Nylint Jungle Wagon measures 12" x 6" and the Tonka  measures 8" x 3". $12 + shipping.

#2. A Lot of 4 pieces of Pyrex, Early American. They are in good condition no chips or dings. The mixing bowl is a #444, 4 quart and the Oval Casserole dishes are #043 1 1/2 quart. There is only 1 lid for the set. $20 + shipping. 

 #3. Made in Japan coffee mugs and tree. The mug are in all great condition no chips or dings and they hang on the tree so nicely. $15 + shipping. 


#4. A set of 3 Tin cans. They are all in good condition. The Quaker tin measures 8" x 5", Log Cabin tin measures 5" x 5" x 3/4" and the Prince Albert tin measures 6 1/2" x 5". $12 + shipping.

#5. A Pink American Family Nursery Baby Scale. It is in great condition and as you can see in the 2nd picture below it still has its original tag attached. $30 + shipping. 

#6. A Detecto Baby Scale it is in good condition. It weighs up to 10 pounds. $25 + shipping.

#7. A Cast Iron Match Holder 7 1/2" x 4" and in great condition. $12 + shipping.

#8. 2 Newsweek Magazines. The one on the left has the date of August 4, 1969 and the one the right is JFK's Memorial September 20, 1971. $8 + shipping.SOLD!!!
Thanks so much for stopping by. I hope you have a great weekend see you back here next week. 

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Suzanne said...

I would like #8 the Newsweek magazines. My email is and my zip is 67144.