Wednesday, August 24, 2016

1st day of School

My goal this week was to blog everyday since the kiddos are back in school but here we are and it is Wednesday and this is my first post for the week. Pitiful! Last week and the first of this week everyone started back to school. Ky is in 1st grade and we are SO excited that Mrs. Thornburg is her teacher.  Her classroom was decorated like "Little House on the Prairie" so adorable.

The high schoolers started the same day as Ky. Tiana is a Sophomore this year and

Kenton is a Junior and he would NOT give me a good pic so this is what you get. Ha! He is a mess.

Taryn started college on Monday and wants to major in nursing. God has blessed us with great kids. The milkman and I often talk about what we did to deserve such amazing kiddos and we always come back to the same answer. It is nothing we have done but the blessings God has given us for which we are so thankful! Love them so much and so excited as they all start a new year.

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