Friday, July 8, 2016

Vintage Friday #105

Welcome to Vintage Friday!
 What is Vintage Friday? It is where I will list some vintage items that I want to sell.
Here is how it works:  If you see an item or items that you want simply leave me a comment with the # of the item (s) you want to purchase and your e-mail (so I can send you a payment request) and zip code (so I will know how much to charge for shipping it to you)

#1. A Kitchen Kaddy. It has NEVER been used and comes with it's original instructions. It measures 16" tall x 6" wide. It can hold Letters, Notes and Misc. So cute! $10 + shipping.SOLD!!!

#2. These are 4 Pyrex Milk Glass Blue Wreath Band Cereal Bowl. They are in great condition no chips or dings. $15 + shipping.

#3. 2 Pyrex Milk Glass Green Wreath Band Cereal Bowls. They are in great condition no chips or dings. $8 + shipping.

#4. This Mini Anchor Hocking #472 Casserole dish with lid is in great condition no chips or dings. $6 + shipping.

#5. This is a Pyrex Homestead Set with lids. The bottom one is 1 1/2 pint and the top one is 500ML. Both are in excellent condition no chips or dings. $20 + shipping for the set.

#6. This is a 2 piece set of Bluebird Polly Pocket houses. The 2nd picture below shows what they look like when they are opened up. Love these. $15 + shipping.SOLD!!!

#7.  A 1969 Pyrex Promotional 2 1/2 quart Nouveau Floral Casserole dish. It is in great condition no chips or dings. $20 + shipping.

#8. 2 Mrs. Butter-Worth's Bottles with the medal lids. The 2nd picture below you will see that the lids are actually yellow polka dots. So cute! $12 + shipping.SOLD!!!

#9. A Pyrex Autumn Harvest Casserole dish with lid. It is in good condition no chips or dings. $10 + shipping.

#10. 6 Yellow Hall Custard Cups. They are in excellent condition. The 2nd picture below will show you what the marking is in the bottom. $20 + shipping.


#11. 4 Children's books Choo-Choo, Teddy Bear of Bumpkin Hollow, The Pet Parade are all Rand McNally books and The True Book of Transportation is a Children's Press book. All are in good condition with a little wear due to age but still have lots of years left in them. $10 + shipping.  Thanks so much for stopping by. I hope you have a great weekend and I'll see you back here next week.


Natalie said...

Polly pockets please 😊

Natalie said...

Robin allen said...

Good morning. 1 will take 1,2,3 and 7....eek. you have great junk thanks...

The Sewing Studio... said...

#10 hall custard cups. Send with Kris, please. She leaves somewhere around the 20th. -Shamnon Klem