Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Tribe Weekend Part #1

On Friday 5 of us loaded up and headed to KC for our annual Tribe weekend. 13 out of the 14 of us were able to make it. One of us could only make it for the 2nd day which we were so grateful for.

Gale was able to find us this cute house for all of us to stay in for the weekend. 

After setting up camp at the house we went over to Jilly's house for the most de-lish supper EVER! Of course there were pictures being taken everywhere.

And the laughter...well let's just say there was a lot of cross and hold moments!!! :)

Jilly's is such an amazing cook and we were all so grateful for her mad skills!
Seriously, Yum-O!!!!

Some of the tribe either made or bought each sister a gift, I mean seriously I hauled in. I didn't make anything except for some banana bread for breakfast. I know I'm a slacker, maybe not a crafter is a better word. Ha! Tomorrow I'll show you some of the activities we did in the big city. What an amazing group of sisters God has brought into my life. I was praying for a best friend and God blessed me beyond measure with 14! Love them all so much!!

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