Tuesday, July 26, 2016

A Little Lake Time Fun

We had friends come down this last weekend and stay at the lake that wasn't very far from the farm. It was so nice because it was like vacation but we could still take care of the ladies and the farm.

 I need to learn to not leave my phone laying around or it will probably get hacked. Ha!

 There is nothing more perfect then finishing the day on the lake with some yummy S'mores.
 Day #2 consisted of making more great memories and yummy food.

There were many many boat rides and tubing.

 And when the milkman forgets his masculine sunglasses he is secure enough with himself to wear a little bling. Ha!

 It was an amazing weekend. Thank you SO much Rich and Tonya for letting us hang with you last weekend and for blessing us with yummy food and great memories. We are so grateful!

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