Tuesday, June 28, 2016

She Is Back!!!!

Tiana spent a week in California with some friends and we all missed her SO much. We were so excited to finally get her back. When we arrived at the airport they said her flight was a little bit delayed because of a storm they were flying through. So we just waited.
Only in a Kansas airport would you find farming equipment which of course the guys had to check out. 

 And what do you do when your bored? You take selfies of course! Kenton was not impressed.

 Natalia and Ky had a banter going back and forth about who was going to hug Tiana first. Ky was trying to hold her back. So funny!
 Needless to say they both were able to hug her first at the same time.
 Tiana's good friend also was able to surprise her and come with us to pick her up. So was so excited! So sweet!!
 The 3 girlies had a great time. It has been so fun hearing all about their adventures over the last week. I'm so thankful that she had this opportunity and so grateful for the memories that she made. But, I so glad to have her back!!

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