Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Harvest 2016

We officially began wheat harvest yesterday. Yay!! We have had so much humidity that it was taking the wheat forever to dry down enough to cut it. But yesterday everything was a go. 
 Kenton did all of the combining yesterday. I am SO amazed by his skills seriously at 16 years old and he knows how to drive and use a combine. Crazy!

 I even caught him climbing down the side of the combine after he was checking the wheat in the hopper. We are praying for record yields this year. So thankful that God blessed us with a mister that not only knows how to work hard but that loves to farm. It looks like he is on the road to be the 4th generation farmer in the family.

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Alica said...

I hope your yields are good!! We just harvested our barley, and Jim was thrilled with the yield!