Sunday, June 19, 2016

Happy Birthday your 6 Years Old

Six years this morning I went into labor with Ky. Labor and Delivery went perfectly but about 45 minutes later she crashed. Our midwife, the milkman and my sisters jumped in the car and drove her to the hospital in a town closest to us which was 25 minutes away. The whole way there the midwife was doing CPR on Ky. After arriving at the local hospital where they were able to get her stabilized  they took her by ambulance to the hospital in Wichita because she wasn't doing so good. We found out that she had aspirated meconium and she wasn't able to get enough oxygen. The first 6 days she was intubated and we couldn't hold her and the doctors told us that she wasn't looking so good. But God placed amazing prayer warriors in our lives and the prayers went up and the blessings came down. He not only gave her back to us when we didn't think she would make it at all.  He allowed her not to have any brain damage. Now 6 years later if you didn't know us then you would never guess that she almost didn't live to see this day. God is good and if someone says to me I don't believe God is a God of miracles all I have to do is introduce them to Ky! 

Tiana made this video for her 1st birthday a few years back and thought I would share it with you today. Happy Birthday Ky we love you so much and are so excited to see what God has in store for your life!

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