Monday, May 2, 2016

RES Market Days

On Friday the milkman and I went to support Ky's school at their market days. The event took place in the gym, each class from Preschool to 4th grade at the elementary school sold something to raise money for their classroom.   
Ky's class sold popcorn which was fun to eat as we walked around and looked at each booth.

Another class hatched baby chicks in their class room to sell. Ky begged and begged for one of these little babies. We didn't come home with any because we already have chickens at this time.

                       Ky has met and made some amazing friendships this year.

 It has been nice for her to see our niece Braelyn (on left in picture below) everyday at school. She loves her so much!

 It was a good time to spend some time with Ky and the kiddos and help out by picking up a few items. What a great job everyone and what a fun fundraiser!

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