Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The Flour was Flyin'!

In order to get all 1,000 cupcakes done for the barn sale it takes help. I have been blessed every year with A-mazing friends that take time out of their lives to come and help bake, frost, fold cupcake boxes and clean up. When I woke up Monday morning I felt overwhelmed by the huge mountain I was going to have to climb of baking. I called my mom and told her through tears how I didn't know how I was going to get everything done. She right then and there on the phone with me prayed and I begin to feel peace. Peace, not that everything would be perfect but that we would get what needed to be done accomplished. There is something about prayers from a prayer warrior like my mama to get you right back on track!
 By the time the ladies arrived the well oiled machine was kicked into gear and we were off to the races. I thought we would at least get 2 flavors done on the first day but instead we were able to get 3 flavors completed and in freezers.

 Thank you Stacey, Amber, Heather and Amy Jo for all your awesome help! You do not know how much you have lightened my load this week and I'm beyond grateful. THANK YOU! I have often said I have the best friends and the last couple of days have proven it again. So grateful! Now ya'll  make sure to come out Saturday and get a couple of dozen!

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