Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Stormy Weather

Yesterday was a VERY muggy day. The humidity was ridiculous. It would be one thing to have this much humidity by the ocean but it is another thing to have it in land locked Kansas. Ugh! We knew a storm was coming without even listening to any weather reports. Everyone around these parts was on high alert because of the history that Kansas has 25 years before with one of the deadliest tornados in its history. That tornado not only did damage to miles and miles of homes but took many people lives. All around the state things started shutting down early or cancelled all together. The kids had a high school track meet it was cancelled, Taryn had her clinical's for her med aid certificate, that was cancelled and people battened down the hatches to brace for the storm.    
 Then it hit and hit it did. God put on an amazing firework display with all of the lightening and the thunder was so loud. It rained and rained and rained.
 This morning this was what we woke up to. 2 1/2 inches of moisture.

 All the rain makes for a very muddy farm. But, we are SO thankful for 2 things. #1. That the storm wasn't damaging as what was predicted and #2. So grateful for the moisture, which is exactly what is needed for our crops. Time to get my mud boots on and get out to do a few things in the barn. :) Have a great day!

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