Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Spring Barn Sale 2016

The barn sale was a HUGE success. We had amazing vendors this year. So thankful! It is always so great to see the farm all prettied up and the vendors make the spaces look so fancy.

 We opened at 8. It was windy and cold and I was starting to worry that we wouldn't have a very big crowd. But then the sun came out and so did the people. We were SO busy!

 Lunch was served starting at 11 and I think we had a rush for about the next 2 hours. We sold out of all of the ribs, pasta salad and 1,000 plus cupcakes. That has never happened before. So awesome!

 It is always so great to have a baby calf or two out for everyone to see and Ky thought she needed to be the one to show her to any one that came by. So funny!

It was such an amazing day and I will admit that even today I am still very tired. Pitiful! Thank you SO much to everyone that came out and to all my help (who I will post about tomorrow) and all the vendors, we couldn't have done it without you all. THANK YOU! See you all back here in the fall.


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Cindy said...

We had a great time! Sorry we missed the cinnamon rolls but the cupcakes rocked! Looking forward to the fall sale, the weather was almost perfect, thanks doing this !