Thursday, April 14, 2016

Prom 2016

So we thought we would add 1 more thing to our busy weekend with the barn sale by having prom the night of the barn sale. Ha! Thank goodness I had part of my tribe here to help get Taryn ready. Jilly is an expert on makeup and thank goodness Natalia is going to cosmetology school so she could work the magic with hair.

I LOVE these 3 girlies and how they were all working to making Taryn look magical for her big night. I especially love how my friend Tonya was able to capture the laughter and the love between the 3 of them. So awesome! Love them!

Even though Kenton is only a Sophomore he was invited by a Jr. young lady so he had to get his pretty on as well.

I think they both clean up nicely!! But then again I might be a little bit prejudice.
After everyone was all ready they came out to the barn to see us as we were finishing up the barn sale.
Natalia wanted to make sure she was in the shot. This picture cracks me up because she isn't usually like this she is usually more reserved. It was fun to see her break out of her shell a little bit.

I can't believe how grown up the kiddos have become. It is nuts how fast it has flown by.
Taryn had to take a picture out while the ladies were being milked. I guess she wanted to show them what she looks like when she isn't in chore clothes. :)

Everyone looked so amazing and I was so happy for all of these kiddos. They had such a great night but I will tell you they were so tired the next day and I will admit so was I. Ha!

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