Monday, April 4, 2016

All the Way from Vermont

My friend Amy came all the way from Vermont this weekend. She had a business in Kansas City this week so she came a couple of days early to come hang out with me. I gave her fair warning that if she came the weekend before the barn sale you might be put to work. She said "fine with her".  She arrived Friday afternoon and after showing her around the farm and visiting a bit. She jumped right in and started helping with prep for the sale.
 It was very strange but it was only her, Ky and I for supper the rest of the family had school stuff or work. We made homemade pizza and we made enough for the rest of the family for leftovers.

 Of course I made her a batch of cupcakes and she gave the Chocolate Mochas a thumbs up! Whew!

 The weather was wonderful and Ky was so excited that she made some sidewalk art on the basketball court with her.
 I was SO thankful for all that we were able to get accomplished. Thank you Amy for putting up with my crazy family and for all your awesome help. So grateful! I can't wait to see you again hopefully it will be in your neck of the woods next time.

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