Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Sorting and Sorting

For Spring Break some people have a vacation. Some go to the beach or skiing or even just a staycation at home relaxing. But not us, as in my sister Alicia and I. Oh no! Our folks have their house on the market so our Dad thought it would be great if we could come and help clean house. Like DEEP clean 30 years of stuff out of every closet and every drawer. Seriously, if you have lived in a house for any length of time you will know how you can collect things. And when you have 11 kids and 30+ grandkids then you have and keep LOTS of stuff because you never know who or what someone might need. So we got busy. 
 Mom did really good about getting rid of stuff. Really good so proud of her.
 We found all kinds of interesting items like this Easter Parade kind of hat and a box of baby blankets from 1969-1983 just in case we might need one from any of those eras. :)
 Mom LOVES old books and I will admit that I have that same bug. But mom had SO many....
see I'm not even kidding you! Tons!!

 We found a plethora of sewing items from back in the day when mom did sew for us. And if you need ANY Barbie dishes, furniture or food believe me we have you covered!
 Besides all the work we did have some fun times look at these cuties that we had running around to "help" us sort and clean.

 By the end of every day we were so tired, in fact we were to tired to cook dinner most nights. Thankfully, my mom's dear, dear friend Darlene took us out 3 nights in a row so we wouldn't have to cook. What a blessing she was, so grateful!

We had a VERY productive 5 days. We were able to sort, box up and get rid of so much. Plus it made me want to come home and start cleaning my house and get rid of all our extra stuff. Which I don't know about you by I have WAY to much stuff. Ugh! It was so great to work together and make some great memories doing it. It was hard work but I wouldn't trade that time for anything. 

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