Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Ripping it up in KC

2 months ago I said to my friend Denae "for my birthday I want to go to first Fridays in Kansas City". She said "alright let's go"! So we left crack of dawn and hit the BIG city after a Starbucks run of course. 

 Our talented Amazing friend Gale Nation has a space there so it was so great to see her in her element. Also our friends Jaryn and Katie heard we were going to be in the big city and drove the hour from their houses to come and hang out with us for the day.

 If you haven't been to the West Bottoms in KC it is A-mazing and I would totally recommend it. You will see all kinds of Junk, Funk and things you would never think of. Like a wall of torn pages from books as wallpaper and art. So cool!
There were SO many people.

Every building is filled with so many things to see. One of my favorite was Serendipity. Adorable! Seriously, load up a bunch of friends and go it is so worth it.
I love how we even found a little bit of the farm right in the city. Ha!

 After we were shopped out at West Bottoms we went for some lunch and of course there is always selfies when we are together.

 We hit some thrift stores and found some treasures, ate donuts at the Donut Lounge in Westport. SO Good!

 Had some yummy de-lish Italian food at Avuletos Italian Delight for supper. And we laughed and laughed.
 Thank you Denae for taking me off the farm to the big city. It was such a great day and I'm SO grateful for all of you for making the day so awesome. Love you more then you know.

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