Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Put a Little Color on It

Having a little one with a 9 year age difference as the youngest of the older 4, I often forget to do stuff with her. For instance coloring Easter eggs. I use to always do this every year with the older kids when they were little. I hadn't done this the last couple of years because Ky was to young (I thought) and the older kids (I thought) were to old for this activity. Turns out it is something they still wanted to do. Although not everyone was around when I sat it all up. The ones that were here loved it.

 I forgot how fun this can be. I think this will be happening again next year and the year after that for sure. 

  I know that coloring eggs is NOT the reason for the season that Jesus resurrection is. And I am SO grateful for His amazing gift of sending His Son to die for me. I hope you all had a great Easter Sunday and were able to reflect on what Easter is really all about.

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