Thursday, February 25, 2016

Birthday Traditions

Growing up my mom was always so great at making our day, our birthday super special. There are a couple of traditions that I use in our little family with the kiddos. One tradition is that you sing very loudly, very off key "Happy Birthday" to the one that is celebrating. Even as an adult my family still calls each other on their special day and bestows that gift on the birthday girl or boy. Oh and did I mention the earlier the better. In fact this morning I received my first phone call from my dad at 5:30AM!! But my FAVORITE tradition growing up was something I also do for my children and that is they don't have to do any chores on their big day. I LOVE this one, seriously my favorite. No work on your day, Perfection! If only that would apply when you are an adult and a mother. Ha! I do try every year to get a chunk of stuff I do everyday done the day before my birthday. And I do my level best to NEVER do laundry on my birthday (that in itself is the best present to myself Ha!). I love traditions do you have any you or your family do on your special day? I would love to hear them. And now I'm off to spend a glorious day doing whatever I want, or at least until the kiddos get home from school and I have to be responsible again! Ha!   

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