Monday, January 25, 2016

We laugh together and We cry together

I have said before that about a year and a half ago I prayed for a friend. A friend that would not judge me, but would encourage me daily, build me up when I was down, showed me Jesus not only in her life but in her actions and would love me with ALL of my faults (I have a lot of them so this is a tall order). But, God in His mercy and love not only brought one friend that had all of those attributes but he gave me 12. Seriously 12! And I am encouraged daily by this tribe of amazing women. So Grateful! Over the last few months a few of us have been through some heartbreaking events. Our sweet sister Gale's daddy was diagnosed the day before Christmas Eve with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. It was a hard blow to all of them and just 17 days after he was given the news Jesus called him home. We all dropped everything to be there for her on the saddest day of her life. The service was SO touching but when Gale played piano for her daddy at his service, he had asked her to, that is when I saw what an incredible strong women she is. I will have to say a few tears were shed.   

 I am so thankful that we could come together for Gale. We all traveled from 3 states so that she would know how much she is loved by all of us.

 I hope that we were able to help her make it through the hardest day of her life by being there for her. And I am SO thankful for a God that not only hears me when I pray but has the power to answer beyond anything I could ever fathom.

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