Thursday, January 7, 2016

Vintage Friday #87


Welcome to Vintage Friday!
 What is Vintage Friday? It is where I will list some vintage items that I want to sell.
Here is how it works:  If you see an item or items that you want simply leave me a comment with the # of the item (s) you want to purchase and your e-mail (so I can send you a payment request) and zip code (so I will know how much to charge for shipping it to you).
The first person to leave me their e-mail with their item # and zip wins!!  Your paid item(s) will be mailed out Monday. I will also combine items to make shipping cheaper for you.

#1. 7 Milk Glass spice jars with Yellow Metal Lids. They are in great vintage condition some still have their original label. $10 + shipping. SOLD!!!

#2. 2 Metal Staplers. They are in good condition. $5 + shipping.SOLD!!!

#3. 4 Read and Hear Golden books with records. They are in excellent condition. "The Pussycat Tiger, Three Little Kittens, Safety Lion and Heidi. $15 + shipping.

#4. A Brown Crock Bowl with lid. It is in great condition. As you can see the stamp on the bottom of the bowl in the 2nd picture below. $15 + shipping.SOLD!!!

#5. 3 Brand New UNOPENED Travel Bingo Car Cards. $10 + shipping.

#6. 24 Interlocking Number Cards. They are in great vintage condition. $5 + shipping.

#7. Playskool 3 Word Interlocking cards. They are in great vintage condition. $5 + shipping.

#8. A Metal Wicker looking Tin with handle. It is in good vintage condition 10" across x 10" tall. $5 + shipping.

#9. A Yellow 1 1/2 pint Pyrex bowl. $6 + shipping.SOLD!!!

#10. 9 Vintage Hankies. They are in great condition. $10 + shipping.SOLD!!!

#11. A Walt Disney Mickey Mouse Flip Book. The 2nd picture below shows you what the pages look like. So cute! $5 + shipping.

Thanks so much for stopping by I hope you have a great weekend see you back here next week!


Jen Pierre said...

#1 milk glass and #9 pyrex
zip 43016

Sheila said...

Not sure why my comment isn't showing up. So I'm gonna try again.

I'd like #8 Can't resist a cute tin! 48843

Reita Nipper said...

I would like the red stapler please!! So excited!!

Unknown said...

Hi! I am wondering if any items from previous vintage Friday's are still available, so long as they don't say sold? I have bought from you previously, forgot you post these and remembered tonight! If things are available, I am interested.


Kerry said...

Which items Emili are you wanting? Some I still have and some are gone.