Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Flat Aggie

I was asked by Nicole Small author of http://talesofakansasfarmmom.blogspot.com/  and Katie of illinoisfarmgirl.wordpress.com  of Lee County Ag in the Classroom if we would be willing to have Flat Aggie come and visit our farm. Flat Aggie's Adventures would be shown to kids in schools in Illinois, Kansas and California. I have never done this before so why not. Flat Aggie was able to learn all about what it takes to run a dairy.

We are 3rd generation dairy farmers. We are actually the last remaining dairy farm in the largest county (Butler) in Kansas.We milk about 100 cows twice a day. 4:30AM and 3:30PM 365 days a year and 7 days a week. We don't get days off very often. Around here we call the cows "the ladies" and we work really hard to keep the ladies healthy, comfortable and happy. The ladies have all kinds of things that you might not know. For example they have a Nutritionist (someone who makes sure we are feeding our ladies a balanced diet), a Veterinarian (a doctor for only animals),  and a Hoof trimmer (someone who makes sure that they get pedicures about a couple times a year).On our farm we grow almost all of our own feed for our cows this way we know exactly what they are eating and were it comes from. The Nutritionist that helps the milkman combine the crops (wheat, milo and corn to name a few) to give the ladies the best mixture to keep them healthy and happy. Our Veterinarian who we can call 24 hours a day if one of the ladies gets sick. The hoof trimmer is kind of like a pedicurist for us humans, they come twice a year to make sure that their feet stay healthy also.

 As the ladies are milked their milk goes into a big bulk tank where the milk is tested to make sure the milk is the best quality before a tanker truck takes the milk to be bottled so that you or your family can pick it up in the stores. 

On an average a cow produces 8-10 gallons of milk each day. Did you know that one cup of milk contains the same amount of calcium as 8 cups of spinach? 
A cow eats a 100 pounds of feed per day and will drink 40 gallons of water per day. If you don't know what 40 gallons looks like it is about a full bathtub of water. That is a lot of water!We love our "ladies" and take care of them and in return they give us a yummy source of nutrition that helps us grow strong and healthy. 

We had a great time having Flat Aggie on our farm. It was fun to show her around the place. She was able to learn so much about what happens on a dairy farm.

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