Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Clothing Swap

Since all of us were going to be together after the funeral. We thought let's clean out our closets and have a clothing swap. We went to lunch at the Blue Moose in Topeka (I highly recommend it, so yummy!) and after ordering our food Jaryn started showing us items and if we wanted it we just let her know and it was ours. This was the best kind of shopping. The best part was wondering what the other people in the restaurant thought. Ha! I'm sure they thought what a bunch of crazy women. We didn't care it was fun and free!

Our food arrived and it was so de-lish!

I highly recommend if you have some friends and want some new outfits, have a clothing swap. It a fun time and I promise you, you will make some great memories!


Tiffany said...

Your hubby is such a trooper...hanging with the ladies during all of this! Good job Dan!

Heidi DeGroot said...

Great idea!!