Wednesday, January 27, 2016

A Little Scare

Last week we had a little bit of a health scare with Ky. Most of you might already know but a week ago Monday she started complaining that her ears were hurting. By evening she was REALLY complaining so I took her to immediate care and sure enough they said she had an ear infection. We went to Wal-mart right away to fill her prescription and as you can see in the picture she was just to sick to even walk around. So sad!
After arriving back home I gave her the meds and within 10 minutes she threw it all up and continued throwing up off and on all night and the next day. I knew by Wednesday morning she was in trouble. I called the doctor and took her in. She had lost a bunch of weight and wasn't wanting to walk or talk anymore. So scary! They administered antibiotics via IV for the next 3 days.

So thankful that I have a sister friend that is a nurse and works in the building and could come and squeeze my neck and calm me down. Thank you Denae!
I have to tell you the milkman is one amazing daddy. He is always my rock. So patience and calm even though he told me later how worried he was, he never let on.

Finally after 3 days of IV antibiotics she made a turn and became her old self again. We were so grateful for all of the prayers, calls, texts they were such an encouragement. We are so grateful! Ky especially loved her teacher's visit with homemade get well cards from her classmates. So precious!
She also loved a special visit from her neighbor friend Mallory who came to hug her neck.
Finally after 1 week Ky was released and back in school. Hallelujah! We were told that the infection that started in her ears somehow got into her blood stream and that is what caused her to go down hill so quickly. So thankful to all of the staff at Via Christi for their amazing skills and for making our girlie all better. So grateful!

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