Monday, December 7, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

It is always so nice to go home to the promise land (Oklahoma). There is something about being in my childhood home that makes me SO relaxed. Tiana, Ky and I went down the day before Thanksgiving and the rest of the family was suppose to join us on Friday for our Walker family Thanksgiving on Saturday. The weather however didn't cooperate there was a big ice storm here and the milkman and other kiddos couldn't leave the farm. I was so sad but since I was in Oklahoma it was OK. If any one knows us Walkers there are ALWAYS a bunch of kiddos running around and this holiday was no different. Dad and Mom were able to love on their grandkids as much as they wanted!
 Since the milkman wasn't there (he usually is the turkey carver) my youngest brother Micah stepped up and did a great job.

 He even took time to teach the next generation how to cut the turkey up. Micah has 3 babies under the age of 3 and another one on the way and he is so patient and calm all the time. I need to seriously take some lessons so proud of him and the man he has become.
 It was also a first for my sis Alicia she had never cooked a turkey and she whipped up the most delicious one.

Did I mention all of the children?! They were everywhere. Ha!

 It was a great Thanksgiving and I'm SO blessed that God gave me each and everyone of them. It wasn't what I thought Thanksgiving would look like this year but we still made many memories that I will treasure for the rest of my life.

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