Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Trading with a California Chef

The internet is an amazing thing. Seriously, it can bring people together that you otherwise would have NEVER met. Case and point with this post. A few weeks ago while showing pictures on Instagram of my cupcakes we were making for the barn sale. A chef out in California sent me a message and said "Hey do you want to trade food for cupcakes"? I thought he was joking!! He wasn't and sure enough he was true to his word and sent out 2 de-lish meals for my entire family and I sent out 2 different flavors of cupcakes to him. Craziness!! 

 The first dish we tried was pulled pork which we put on slider buns and they were Yum-O!!

 Last night we had the short ribs and let me tell you the gravy I could have drank with a straw! Seriously, A-mazing!!! If you are in the San Francisco/Oakland area you need to get ahold of Brian from Brian's Kitchen or start following him on instagram by the same name Brian's Kitchen. Although I will warn you that his posts WILL make you hungry! Ha! Thank you SO much Brian for suggesting such a great trade. We will have to do it again sometime.

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