Thursday, October 15, 2015

Time to Celebrate!

I didn't blog yesterday because I spent the day with our kindergarten at the pumpkin patch and that blog will come next week. After the barn sale a bunch of us went out to celebrate the great day we had. We hit the local Mexican restaurant, there were so many of us that they had to close a section. Or maybe we were to loud and that is why they sectioned off part of the restaurant just for us. Ha! 

Let's just say there was a ton of fun!!

What a Motley Crew! The food was De-lish but the laughter was the best. Without everyone at this table and many more that weren't there they are the reason the Fall Barn Sale was so successful. We are beyond grateful for each and everyone that help us in SO many ways. Looking forward to the Spring Sale so mark your calendar it will be Saturday April 9th. Thanks again everyone for all the amazing help. You all rock my family and I are truly blessed by you!

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