Tuesday, October 6, 2015

It Takes a Village and a Tribe and a Whole Lotta Frosting!

In order to make a barn sale work it takes a whole bunch of A-mazing help! This time was no exception. Making 1,000 cupcakes is not something that magically appears. It takes awesome friends and daughters to get them all done.  
 These sweet friends and my awesome daughters came together and completed in one day what would have taken me a week to accomplish by myself. They folded lots of baker boxes,

Whipped up bowls and bowls of batter,

 and frosted and frosted cupcake after cupcake!

 Of course there had to be someone to check the quality and Natalia was totally up for the job!

 Of course it doesn't seem like work when you can visit and laugh until you tummy hurts it seems more like fun.

 It also helps to have a city friend that when at the end of the day you feel like you are wearing down shows up with a new wave of excitement and bring you Starbucks. Thank you SO much ladies for taking a day away from your lives to help me and my family because of each one of you, you have lighten my load so much and I am SO very grateful!!! I am so blessed to have such an amazing Village and Tribe.

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Jeannine Hoheisel said...

Awesome, you all are! Love you all!