Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Promise Land Fun!

I love going back home. There is just something about walking into your childhood home that is so calming at least for me.
 I miss all of these faces.

 Of course there are things you HAVE to do when you are back in your hometown. Like having a Tiger cookie from Morgan's!

 While home we were also able to celebrate Dad and Millie's birthdays.

 If you have ever been around the Walkers you KNOW that we are NOT a quiet bunch. Not even a little bit. In fact my sister-in-law Bridget lend over to me during a dinner at the restaurant and said "Seriously, we need a reality show!!!" The funny things is that she has been in the family for 26 years and she is just realizing this! Ha!
 It was so great hanging and being with my fam. I miss them so much. With mom and dad getting older every moment I have with them is a treasure!
 Although I didn't actually cry when we left Ky did and her outward appearance is what my heart was feeling. So sad! Why is it that things in life always go by so quickly? Thankful memories last for a long long time.

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Jeannine Hoheisel said...

It is indeed a blessing to be able to go home! Thanks for sharing your family! Love ya!