Thursday, September 17, 2015

School Tour Fall 2015

Our first school field trip came yesterday with about 50 people total. It is always so fun to see the kid's eyes when they see the cows especially the calves. So thankful that Tally doesn't start cosmetology school until November so she could help. I love to work with my kiddos!

When the milkman does his part of the tour he explains how we milk and care for our cows and shows everyone what their food looks like. We raise most of our own feed for 2 reasons #1 this is how we know exactly what our ladies (the cows) are eating and #2 because it helps our feed bill if we grow our own.

The milkman always lets the kids feel the suction of the milker so they know what it feels like to the cows. This is always a fun reaction.

We finish every tour with homemade chocolate chip cookies and ice cold milk of course.
What a great group of kiddos. It was a fun morning showing them around the farm.

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