Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Kan-Okla 100 Mile Garage Sale

 On Friday my friend Heather and I hooked on a trailer and left at 5AM for the big Kan-Okla. Highway Garage Sales.

There were SO many sales!

 One of our first sales we stopped at was in the town park. There was a HUGE flat bed trailer that was loaded with boxes and rubbermaids. There were 4 little ladies that were unloading this big trailer and they told us that nothing was priced you just can give a donation because the money that was being made was going to make care packages for the troops. We started looking in boxes and the ladies said "oh you are welcome to go through the stuff to see if you can find anything you might need". Ummm, that is all we needed to get busy! We spent about an hour there going through ever box and helping them unload the trailer. Needless to say we found some A-mazing treasures! It was a total rush, I mean seriously who needs drugs when you have an awesome garage sale. Ha!

 On the route there was 4 towns that had Flea Markets set up in one area.

The best treasure I found was this 4 piece Pyrex Snowflake Garland Mixing bowl set in it's unopened original box for only $1!!! 

 We went into all kinds of places including a barn we treasure hunted in and were even greeted by their donkey!

 But some of my most favorite stops of the day were the churches. Not that we found many items at their rummage sales but that ladies were so welcoming and LOVED to visit. Plus I loved seeing the inside of these quaint churches so peaceful and beautiful.
 It was a GREAT day! We had such a great time and I highly recommend you get a trailer and load up next year you won't be disappointed. Thank you Heather for jumping in the car with me last minute. It was so much FUN!


Anonymous said...

LOVE IT!! Garage sales are the best. :)

Vanessa said...

I have a covered relish tray with that same snowflake design I use at Christmas for goodies! I had no idea there was a bowl set-so cute!