Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Fin and Feather

Last weekend I was able to go home to the promise land of Oklahoma! My sister Alicia came up from Texas for the weekend as well. We hit Fin and Feather on Friday which if you don't know is a BIG arts and crafts fair overlooking the lake.
Seriously, So Beautiful!
Alicia, me, mom and our friend Tina had a blast looking for treasures. 
We hit the flea market first.
Amongst the vintage finds there was this. Seriously a Pay phone is now Vintage???? Oh I feel so old.

Mom who is always looking out for things for her grandkids found this lawn mower push toy for 50 cents. Of course she had to make sure it worked. So cute!
It was a great day we found a few finds but made so many memories and that is what will last even when the vintage finds are gone!

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