Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Promise Land Fun!

I love going back home. There is just something about walking into your childhood home that is so calming at least for me.
 I miss all of these faces.

 Of course there are things you HAVE to do when you are back in your hometown. Like having a Tiger cookie from Morgan's!

 While home we were also able to celebrate Dad and Millie's birthdays.

 If you have ever been around the Walkers you KNOW that we are NOT a quiet bunch. Not even a little bit. In fact my sister-in-law Bridget lend over to me during a dinner at the restaurant and said "Seriously, we need a reality show!!!" The funny things is that she has been in the family for 26 years and she is just realizing this! Ha!
 It was so great hanging and being with my fam. I miss them so much. With mom and dad getting older every moment I have with them is a treasure!
 Although I didn't actually cry when we left Ky did and her outward appearance is what my heart was feeling. So sad! Why is it that things in life always go by so quickly? Thankful memories last for a long long time.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Fin and Feather

Last weekend I was able to go home to the promise land of Oklahoma! My sister Alicia came up from Texas for the weekend as well. We hit Fin and Feather on Friday which if you don't know is a BIG arts and crafts fair overlooking the lake.
Seriously, So Beautiful!
Alicia, me, mom and our friend Tina had a blast looking for treasures. 
We hit the flea market first.
Amongst the vintage finds there was this. Seriously a Pay phone is now Vintage???? Oh I feel so old.

Mom who is always looking out for things for her grandkids found this lawn mower push toy for 50 cents. Of course she had to make sure it worked. So cute!
It was a great day we found a few finds but made so many memories and that is what will last even when the vintage finds are gone!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Hillsboro Craft Fair 2015

Last Friday and Saturday was the Hillsboro craft fair. If you don't know what that is well... it is a HUGE craft fair in this small town. In fact it takes over the town for the day. My sweet friend Dana's house is right off one of the main streets so her family and I put our vintage items out in the yard. She opens up her yard on Friday afternoon for the locals and then all day Saturday while the craft fair is going on.

It is so fun to see the line form as it gets close to opening. 

 It is also so great to hug and meet new friends!

 There were times on Saturday that we were so busy (which was a great problem to have). It was a great weekend. Thank you Dana and family for including me again for the weekend. I had a great time and now I will go and pay some bills. Ha!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Happy 16th!

16 years ago today I woke up at 3AM and by 3:46AM there was a baby that made His entrance into the world at lighting speed. In fact He came so fast that I told the milkman "there is a baby on the floor!" Let me just say it was a VERY intense labor and delivery as you can imagine and I'm just so thankful that we have our babies at home otherwise He would have been born in the car!  Our 1 and only son came into our lives and almost daily we are SO thankful that God gave us a son. He loves Jesus, and is kind hearted, hard working and when it comes to building or designing something He knocks our socks off! 

 Happy Birthday Kenton I can't believe how fast the last 16 years have gone. We love you SO much and are so grateful that God allowed us to be your mom and dad. We wish you an amazing day and we are looking forward to see how God is going to use you in your 16th year.

Monday, September 21, 2015


Last week my friend and Taryn's teacher Deandra asked me to come and talk to the FACS class about the dairy and about catering. Deandra is so talented that I felt nervous because she is such an amazing teacher and I didn't feel like I would be able to add much to her class. It probably didn't help that my daughter kept telling me not to embarrass her. Ha!

It was a great group of kiddos!
And of course I had to bring them cupcakes and goody bags to help win them over.

It was a great time and I'm so thankful that Taryn has such an amazing teacher. She is learning so much. Thank you for having me and I hope the kiddos learned something about farm life.