Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Watermelon Festival

One of the great things about small town living is fun festivals. Oh I know that big cities have festivals as well but in small towns it is not only a day of festivities but also a day to visit and catch up with friends. My friend Deane asked me to share a booth with her for the day and I thought why not!

 There was a car show and I personally have never attended a car show so it was fun to walk around and see these beauties.

 Deane made this yummy salsa to sale as well. She is so talented!
 Of course a small town festival wouldn't be complete without a parade.

 And what is a parade without candy that is thrown out. Another thing that was thrown out that I had never thought of before was little rubber bouncy balls. It was so fun to see the kids running to get them.

 The athletes from the local high school were all dressed out in our school colors. So excited to cheer them all on this year.

 It was a great day! So fun to spend the day hanging out, visiting and making a little bit of money. I mean really isn't that what small town living is all about?

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