Thursday, August 13, 2015

Funny How Friendships Are Made

My sister has always told me that I meet friends everywhere I go. This post will prove that she is right. About 2 1/2 years ago I was in New Mexico for a dairy leadership conference. On my flight back home I sat with a sweet lady named Robyn. We began talking and I found out that her and her husband were missionaries with Campus Crusade for Christ. They had been in China but now they were back in the states in Pennsylvania working with a team there. I was so amazed at her story how they overcame so many obstacles while serving in China. I knew that we would be friends. We have kept in touch over the last couple of years and this week as her and her family were traveling they were able to stop by and see us. I was so excited!     
Ky had to show them her newest pride and joy, her kittens.

Of course they all loved seeing the babies.

It was great to see new friendships forming as well.
I love how God orchestrates everything I do and how He blesses me with so many wonderful blessings including friendships. Thank you BJ and Robyn for taking time to stop by and see us. It was great to introduce you to my family and visiting with you again.

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