Monday, August 24, 2015

First Day of School

Last week was a kick of to another school year. It is not only a new school year but also a new school for us. One thing that is not new is the tradition we started way back when, the tradition of cinnamon rolls on the first day for breakfast.
This is the only picture the teenagers would let me take of them. Ky wasn't so happy about being up this early.

I love that on the first day of school they had prayer at the pole before anyone went in to the building. Seriously so awesome!

Ky had "meet the teacher" night the evening before school started which was so nice because she knew where her desk was, who her teacher was and even met some new friends.

On the first day I had her stand in front of school and took her picture. As I snapped her picture I realized that is how fast the first 5 years have gone by, in a snap. I have never cried when I have dropped a kiddo off at kindergarten in fact the milkman and I usually do a little high five but this one...this one was hard. I will admit I cried all the way home. Pitiful! School has been in session now for almost a week and I will tell you the kiddos are LOVING it! We are so excited for this year and are so grateful to everyone that has made us feel so welcomed.  

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Jeannine Hoheisel said...

Endings are usually sad and beginnings scary! You made it through both and onward to new adventures! Thanks for the wonderful post my dear!