Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Cutting Silage

On our farm we harvest corn 2 different ways. One way is by cutting the corn for silage. Silage is when we cut the corn stalk completely including the cob for feed for our cows throughout the winter. For this process we do not have the right equipment so we hire a great crew to get the job done.  

 When the guys bring truck loads of the chopped silage the milkman and Kenton pack it tightly with the tractors so that it can be covered to keep the spoilage down as much as possible. Tomorrow's post I will show you how it gets covered.  

 Of course the crew needs to be fed thankfully they were willing to stop for lunch that way I didn't have to pack everything up and take it to the field. Plus it gives us a chance to visit and catch up with the guys since we only see them at this time of year.
 The 2nd way we process our corn for our cows is by combining it. With this process the combine only pulls the kernels off of the corn.
 Then the corn is ground up which takes someone making sure the corn grinder stays even while doing this and doesn't get backed up. Thankfully the milkman's dad did this job perfectly.
 Kenton combined most of this field and Ky rode with her brother every chance she was allowed. It takes a whole team everyday to keep everything running smoothly and thankfully God has given us an amazing team to get the job done.


Ekta said...

Your family amazes me. Great team effort. I can't even imagine with great work ethics your kids already have.

Jeannine Hoheisel said...

You take such good pictures and explain it so well. What a family! Thanks!