Thursday, August 20, 2015

Covering It Up

Yesterday, I talked about how we chopped corn for feed for our ladies (the cows). After the corn had been cut and packed, it is so important to cover it up to keep it preserved so that we can feed fresh food throughout the winter. Let me tell you this job takes a TON of team work for sure. Pulling the big tarp over the massive pile is always a challenge. Thankful there wasn't to much wind so it wasn't as bad as it could have been. We will take any help we can get to get the job done. In fact a few of the kids in the area stopped by to say howdy and they jumped right in to help. Thank you Micah, Nat and Sienna for helping out!

After the tarp is pulled over the top and sides the guys put piles of dirt around all of the edges to seal it up. This job is not a hard job but it is very time consuming. And if it is hot out you can definitely plan on getting a tan!

I am so bummed I forgot to get a picture after it was all done. So thankful that the job is finished and for all of the help. Again it takes a bunch of teamwork to get the job done and God has blessed us with a great team!

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CountryMum said...

It is such a big job covering stacks. Great photos.