Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Some Lake House Birthdays

On Saturday we were able to celebrate both of our Nephew's birthdays. In case you didn't know my sisters married brothers so not only are they sisters but sister-in-laws and my Nephews are double first cousins. Did you get all that? Isn't that crazy! Our Nephew's birthdays are just a few days apart so this year we went to my sisters' in-laws lake house to celebrate. It was a perfect day for family time, fellowship and swimming of course. 

Kyler was very brave and kept jumping off the diving board all by herself.

The cousins had such a great time being together.
I thought the cake and the theme of the party was adorable. The theme was camping.
My sisters did such a great job with at all of the details including having grilled hot dogs and brats for supper. Then besides cake and homemade ice cream they had all of the fixins for S'mores (which are my Fav). So yummy! It was a great day! Happy Birthday boys we wish you a very happy day but more then that a very blessed year. We love you so much!

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