Monday, July 27, 2015

Kansas Women's Blogger Event

Last Thursday I along with other Kansas Women Bloggers were invited to the Baldwin Farms for a fun farm tour. 
Kim (you can check out her blog here) did an awesome job explaining the different aspects of their farm. They maintain a small herd of Limousine and Angus beef cattle as well as produce wheat, corn, soybeans and grain sorghum.

This is a field of their grain sorghum.

Some types are even being used for human consumption.

We took a look at their farm equipment and they explained to us how they work and what they are used for.
Then we hit a field of sweet corn.

Kim showed us this fungus that can grow on the top of an ear of corn. It is called corn smut and it was not very pretty looking as you can see. Fun fact I learned is that in Mexico it is considered a food delicacy. It is eaten usually as a filling in quesadillas and in other tortilla based foods. I think I will stick to an actual ear of corn. Ha!

They let us pick all the corn we wanted to take home which my family and I were very thankful for. So yummy!

One of the other bloggers brought their adorable daughter with her. She jumped right in to helping her mom check out the corn in the field.
She even taste tasted it for us!
She approved!
I love the picture below it was of Kim's husband and son. I love how this picture totally depicts a farmer and his son. Although I don't know what he was saying to him in this picture, this is how it is in farming families. The next generation is usually right beside them in all they do. Learning how their farm is maintained and taken care so one day he will share this love on to his son or daughter.
It was great to meet other amazing women from all over the state.

We finished off the tour with lunch that was provided by Monsanto. They also provided a portion of the travel expenses. We were also given goodie bags that were provided by Common Ground and Kansas Farm Bureau. It was such a great day! Thank you Kim for all your hard work. You did an amazing job!
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